Shamanic Counseling & Energy Medicine

Working with all levels of energy in order to retrieve information, clear and balance the energetic field, and to recalibrate the systems in the body simultaneously, allowing the horse to return to their innate equilibrium.

Jessye incorporates the knowledge of different cultures and teachers, both ancient and modern, and works from a place of complete intuition and trust. There is no defined modality, technique, or style; the way she works with horses is what is needed for their personal healing and evolution.

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 Environmental Balancing 

Clearing and freeing the energy of land, barns, and structures to bring complete peace and wellbeing to all humans and animals residing there.

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 Herd Alchemy™

Experience the community and wisdom of the herd; true unity, the alchemy of the horse.

By offering our spirits and trust to the horses, we are open to receive the healing, knowledge, and insights they have to offer us.

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