Are you an animal communicator?

While I do not think of, or promote myself as an animal communicator, the way that I conduct my alchemy sessions with animals does involve the two of us conversing at a soul level. This is not so much of a spoken conversation like between humans, but an exchange of energy that can be received as feelings, sensations, words, pictures, and scents.

With each session, I view the animal I am working with as my client. I am here to address their needs and problems, and to assist them in returning to balance.

Do you work with all species of animals?

Absolutely; though my focus is primarily on the Equine species, energy is energy, and we are all animals. The species makes no difference to the work I do. I have worked with horses, dogs, cats, wild birds, and deer to name a few throughout my journey. Working with any creature is an honour and I happily accept the opportunity to expand my experiences every day.

What information do you need to work with my animal?

The only information needed prior to the session is the animal’s name and any specific issues, concerns, or questions you would like to have addressed. If you feel moved to supply more information, you are free to do so.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are generally an hour in length, though this can sometimes be longer depending on the work the individual needs done, but I try my best to keep to that.

Where are sessions conducted, and what is the process?

Sessions are conducted long distance over phone and/or email correspondence, with the actual session work being done in my home office. This allows me to work with clients world-wide with great ease.

When working with an animal, I do what the energy moves me to do, but the general outline of the session would be the same regardless of being in person or long distance with the animal.

I begin the session with an energetic conversation, asking the questions that the human counterpart has supplied me with, listening to what they need or have to express.

The session is then focused on shifting the issues and concerns that were presented by the humans as well as the animals themselves. This is about returning them to balance, and removing anything that could be hindering them.

Throughout the session, I take detailed notes of what I have discussed and worked with. These notes are compiled and sent to their human counterpart for reference and review, and to ask for further information or explanation if needed.

How do long distance sessions work?

The ability to conduct sessions long distance is a great benefit of energy repatterning. Unlike acupuncture and massage that need to be in contact with the physical body to be effective, energey repatterning is working with the energy field of the animal, not the physical body. This means that no matter where I, or the animal may be, I can connect to the animal energetically, and see the energy that needs to be worked with.

There are many benefits of long distance sessions, including the fact that there are no travel fees, they are easier to schedule because the human counterpart does not need to be present for the sessions, and that they can generally be conducted with a deeper clarity because I am in an environment that allows me to focus just on the energy and not what is going on with the animal physically.

How often are sessions needed and for how long?

This is about the individual animal and their needs, as well as how much energetic “build up” there is from the past, almost like a clogged sink. Sometimes the animal just isn’t ready to remove some energy that is hindering them, and I have to respect that, and maneuver it over a period of time. In other instances, the issue can be resolved within one session.

This also depends on what your motivation for the session is. If you are wanting to ensure that your animal is always balanced, it would be an ongoing thing, which I often do with competition horses to ensure they are performing at their very best. Or if there is a specific issue that you would like addressed, such as a behavioural problem, we would continue for as long as the horse needs.

I cannot say how many sessions the individual will need until I have worked with them.

I do at very minimum recommend a maintenance session every 6 months – 12 months after we have begun working together.

The difference between my work and many other alternative healing therapies is that you can see results in just one session. It does not take a minimum of 5 or 10 to see a change, though it may take more than one to shift the specific behavior or issue entirely.

What is your payment policy?

Once a session has been scheduled, payment is due a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time.

Payment is processed through PayPal, email money transfer, or by check if necessary.

Please note that when paying by check, the session will be scheduled once the payment is received.

Discounts are available when booking sessions for multiple animals.

Energy Medicine sessions are non-refundable. If needed, sessions may be rescheduled for a later date. Please contact Jessye at least 24 hours prior to the session time by either phone or email correspondence to reschedule.


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