About Jessye

Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.
- Harriet Goldhor Lerner

Horses have been a driving force in my life since my first encounter with them.

Over the years I rode in multiple disciplines, each with different well accomplished professionals, learning and competing all that I could to forward my equine career. At a very young age, my teacher at the time began to notice that I had a specific talent. Horses would do things easily for me that they wouldn’t for anyone else. She began to let me work with their more difficult horses in order to cultivate that skill, and encouraged my parents to find me a project horse of my own that I could learn from. Years later, after moving on from my first horse, a retired Standardbred race horse, I was again in search for a horse that could challenge my natural talents.

At the age of 13 I found exactly what I asked for in a large palomino draft cross. Through a challenging series of events that followed, I found a path that I had been unaware of and set off in a new direction of being with horses in harmony, instead of with dominance and control. The energetic component of how humans interact with their horses became a large part of this path, and of how my horse and I healed our relationship.

This lead to the acknowledgment of my path as a shaman, and learning how to fully be that part of myself in this world. I am honored to have some outstanding medicine people in my life as my mentors and friends, walking with me on my journey.

After presenting myself as a horse trainer for multiple years, I soon realized that it was time for a shift in awareness for both myself, and the equine community as a whole. I realized it was time to accept the horse as my guide and partner, and to walk shoulder to shoulder, as equals, in all we do together.

All of the skills and knowledge I possess today came from the many teachers I have worked with. I hold a Diploma in Equine Psychology with distinction from Oxford College, as well as a Diploma in Equine Studies with honours from University of Guelph.

True equine knowledge can only be acquired from the horses themselves, and I continue to cultivate my natural ability of listening to what each horse has to tell me.

I am a creator in many forms, and in addition to working with animals, I am also a folk singer-songwriter, playing the Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin.

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