Equilogy Equine Awareness

Being The Connection™

Empowering horses wanting to be heard and healed, as well as humans seeking a new way of awareness, communication and connection.

Horses will speak volumes once you learn how to listen. – Jessye Finch


As their human guardians, we have the responsibility of ensuring that horses are happy, balanced, and empowered at all times.

Though many trainers and practitioners speak of working with the mind, body, and spirit of the horse, they primarily address the body. When you first and foremost connect through the horse’s spirit, their most innate form of being, harmony of the mind and body follow.

Just as we need to ensure that our horses have a healthy diet, environment and body, they also need to be energetically balanced to be at their best. This is an awareness that we need to integrate into our programs on a regular basis, for horses of all disciplines, breeds and lifestyles.

Jessye is dedicated to ensuring the complete balance, understanding, and recognition of the equine soul through Shamanic Counseling, Energy Medicine, and Environment Balancing, as well as Herd Alchemy™ for humans.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is integral to the complete balance of all horses. Regardless of the form that our relationship with our horse takes, we want to ensure that they are at their highest possible level of happiness and wellbeing.

This returns horses to their innate equilibrium, allowing them to live to their full potential. This reconnection shifts the human-horse relationship and how we interact with each other, allowing partnerships to manifest with ease.

Environment Balancing is another important element to the healing and wellbeing of horses and their partners. If there are stagnant or disruptive energies present on the land or within the dwellings where the horse lives, they will be unable to remain balanced and calm themselves. By providing a peaceful environment for the horse, our relationships can reach new levels.

Herd Alchemy™ is bringing the magic and wisdom of the herd, the equine soul, to humans. By finding the common ground between species, we can comprehend each other on an entirely different level.

We offer ourselves to the herd as students, and in doing so are given an opportunity to experience deep BEING, both in stillness within and as a human-horse partnership, as well as bringing the awareness of the herd to the human community.

“Jessye Finch is a wise and skilled woman who carries a knowing well beyond anything that has been available. Her gifts and deep connection with the spirit of horses (and other animals too) are beyond compare. The harmony and wellbeing that results from her work can not only baffle the mind but bring great joy and peace to horses and the people they’ve connected with. Jessye is a most powerful force… a source of balance, transformation and evolution. With Jessye, you’ve found the one to powerfully give you the solution you’ve been seeking.” -Kimberley Simon

Equilogy Equine Awareness Complete balance, understanding, and recognition of the equine soul.

  • Shamanic Counseling & Energy Medicine for the Horse
  • Environment Balancing
  • Herd Alchemy™ for Humans

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